Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy highlights our use of your personal information data provided by you while associating with us. This information is collected, used and shared to keep the website working and safe. is owned and operated by Lakhan Group Pvt. Ltd., therefore acting as the data controller for us and its subsidiary companies of our customers’ personal information.

Information Collection:

The servers to our portal are based in Mumbai, India which means that the personal information you choose to provide is a consent of transferring and storing the same on our servers. Also, the information that is posted on our website is visible to other users as well. The information data collected and stored consists of:
Contact numbers, email address, physical contact address, also financial information in case of your service purchases 
computer data, page views statistics, traffic to and from Lakhan Group and Ad data (all through cookies – you can disable the cookies on your browser but it will affect your ability to use the site)
Applications other than our which are installed on your device
The IMEI number of your device
Other related information, like the IP address and Standard Web Log information of the user.

Information Usage by Us:
The account users’ personal information is used for the below purpose, i.e.,
To provide services
To solve dispute issue, any kind of technical problems related to the site and to collect fees.
To make sure the terms and conditions are followed and to encourage a safe trade
To measure a customers’ interest in our services, to inform them about other services and updates and to customize experience
To update you on promotional offers and other marketing activities
To pursue other activities for users as described when the information is collected

Information Disclosure.

We are occasionally required to disclose the account users’ informational data to Governmental or law enforcing agencies or our regulators from time to time, but that shall only happen under proper authority.
We also reserve the right to make use of the your informational data if there is any investigation or judicial process pertaining to fraud on any user account transactions when we have any such information.
We may be required for the disclosure of any information to ensure our policies being followed, respond to claims of any post or content that violates other’s rights, or to protect other’s rights, property and safety.
We reserve a right to share your information with:
All ccorporate associates who help prevent all the illegal acts and provide joint services (Kindly note that our corporate associates will only market only to users who opt for it).
All sservice providers who are a part of our business operations.
All the third party associates like Google, use cookies to pop up ads based on a user's search history on the website.
Google uses DoubleClick cookie which enables it and its partners to pop up ads to the user based on their search history of your Google account. The account user can opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie in the Ads Settings option.

Information Usage by User: 

A user is entitled to use any information available on our website only when there is a follow up for a specified post or query to any other website user. Any kind of spam/ phishing activity or collection of other user’s information without their consent is strictly prohibited.

Information Access, Modification, and Deletion:

A user is free to view, change or eradicate any informational data provided. The same can be done by viewing your post or visiting your account settings page.
In case if the user wants to know what information has been stored by us, the user can mail us on our customer support address i.e. support@lakhangroup.com. 
Reviewing information may be a chargeable request but we ensure that these amounts shall not exceed the permission of the law.
All the information is discarded when it is not required by us on the matters described earlier. It is only stored to resolve conflicts, policy enforcement and prevention of certain illegitimate users. 

Information Security:

In order to safeguard the security and integrity of our users’ information, various mechanisms such as encryption, passwords and physical security are used to avoid unauthorized access and disclosure. Though no data sharing can be guaranteed as secure via Internet, yet we take necessary steps to safeguard your information from any kind of inappropriate loss, usage, access, modification and/ or disclosure after receiving it.
Therefore when a user shares any information, it is done at their own risk.

Information Confidentiality:

Anybody who subscribes for any of our services agrees and accepts that there has been complete transparency from our side in providing all the optimum information on our website that the use of our services shall lead to visibility of all the information posted by them while using our website to our other users
The users also agree to take the responsibility of the authenticity and consequences from the posting by users of any personal information of themselves or any other person. Also the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy will be applicable to all our new and old services therefore waiving off the confidentiality of information posted by the user himself.


Lakhan Group is authorized to any update and/ or modification of this policy at any time, with updates taking effect when you next post or after 30 days, whichever is sooner. 
Also, in case of merger or acquisition by our corporate associates, we shall share the information with the partnering /acquiring company, but this policy shall continue to apply.

In case of any query regarding any of the information provided in our Privacy Policy or your interest in detailed understanding of our terms and conditions of this policy, you are requested email us at support@lakhangroup.com or write us to know information provided by you or Lakhan Group.


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