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Cancellation and Refund Policy

In case if a customer is unhappy or no more in need of the subscribed services, one can unsubscribe the same by visiting our website. Also note that the requested cancellation will only be applicable if you receive any type of notification or confirmation from our side and the other details pertaining to it. Once you receive the confirmation from our side, you will not be further required to make any other payments. But we will not be liable to any kind of refund for the amount paid by you before confirmation of the cancellation request though you have or have not opted the services subscribed.

In case if there is no activity/usage in any user account, the account will be categorized as inactive and hence will be suspended. A user will have a 3 month grace period to revive/ activate the account. Though if the inactivity/ usage continues for a period of consecutive 9 months, the user account will be further terminated permanently leaving the customer ineligible for any kind of claim credit after the specified period.

Pricing and Services:
Charges of different services differ according to different customer requirements. If you are interested for any specific service/s, you are requested to contact us to know about the same.

Terms and Conditions:


Lakhan Group is hereby entitled to the following with the agreement of the user:

?    The informational data input by the user while registering the portal can be used by the company for our own purpose and also can pass on the same to our other subsidiaries or any other selected party.

?    It is within the company rights to keep all the provided data by the user while being associated with us for exclusive usage by the company inline with the agreement between both the parties.

?    The user also agrees to receive sales and services related calls from our employees, partners and other related concerns on your provided contact numbers not withstanding your NDNC (National Do Not Call) registration.

Termination of Registeration:


Without limiting any other remedies, we may terminate your account if 

(a)    you are found or suspected to have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the use of our Services, 

(a)    we are of the opinion that you have breached these Terms or such other reasons as deemed fit by us with or without assigning any reasons/evidence thereof.

Payment Obligation

?    The charges/fees for the various Services offered by us have been clearly set forth in the Website. There are both paid services and free services offered thorough the Website. The details of the Services that are offered without charges and with charges are clearly set out in Website or You may communicate with us at to get more information.
?    You understand that the Services offered without any charges are restricted (as per the information you may have obtained from us or as may be seen while availing the said Services). Hence You may be required to pay the amounts, communicated by us or set forth in the Website, if you wish to avail any Services other than the free Services offered. Lakhan Group reserves the right to alter/modify the amounts payable for the Services without any prior notice. 
?    The details of cancellation and refund is provided in on our website cover page. There will be no refund of any amounts paid by you for availing the various Services offered through the Website, except expressly stated else where Lakhan Group may offer certain discounts or other offers for the various Services. 
?    The terms and conditions of the offers/discounts shall be clearly set forth in the Website and the same may be time bound and hence you may not claim any offers/discounts when the time for the same has lapsed/expired. There are specific services which are offered directly by third party vendors and the role of Lakhan Group in such cases is only to post the availability of such services on our website. We will not be liable or responsible in any way for such services or the quality of such services. Any payments being made by Users do not accrue to us and we will not entertain any requests for information / clarification regarding such Services.

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